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Thread: Oh Perfect Day.

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    It's fall, ya'll!

    Thumbs up Oh Perfect Day.

    Anyone who knows me, who has met me, or who has read any of my posts for any period of time knows that I Knots Landing. I can talk about it for HOURS. Gary, Val, Karen, Paige, Abby, etc. I'm obsessed. Have been obsessed for at least 12 years that I can remember.

    And every Sunday when the paper comes out, I scour the ads for the newest DVD releases. I scream when stupid TV shows get their own DVD sets....seriously, Sanford and Son? I complain CONSTANTLY that Knots is not on DVD. My poor husband has heard this rant for the last five years at least. Pretty much weekly, if not more often. I check Amazon, Knots Landing Reborn (fan site), I've signed online petitions, sent emails to the distribution name it, I've done it.

    So Target, I came across this:

    I'm the happiest woman on earth right now. I almost started crying, right there in the store. I bought the kids Narnia, and they're upstairs with my husband, while I'm sitting here with the KL menu on and whistling to the theme song.

    See you in thirteen hours!!!

    Wish me luck in the rest of the seasons being released SOON.

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    Re: Oh Perfect Day.

    Stinkerbell!!! I can only imagine your excitement! Now you can watch whenever you want!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reverend DMother
    Girl bonding is just so necessary. It's just as important as "me" time. A good girl bonding session leaves you feeling so refreshed. I think of it as a NEED vs a want. There are just things that you need to talk to other women with. You may have the best relationship in the world with your husband, but there are just times you need your girlfriends. It makes for a healthier and happier you which makes everything else you do better.

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    Re: Oh Perfect Day.

    I can feel your excitement and yeah I'm soooo jealous.

    When I heard your voicemail I was CRACKING UP, I could hear the shake in your voice I swear

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