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    Hugh Hefner and Pooh Both Turn 80

    Happy 80th Hugh and Pooh! :

    "Today in Hollywood, the sex"hunny"pot, Pooh, shows off
    his Playboy pose, (notice the Star placed Strategically)
    in honor of Hugh Heffner,who also turned 80 this week!
    Happy B-Day you two ol' bears! The least Rabbit
    could have done, would be loan him a pair of ears!"

    Interesting info on Hugh:
    Following college, Hef tried his hand at cartooning and, failing to sell any of his ideas for a cartoon strip, published a book of satirical cartoons about Chicago titled That Toddlin' Town. Hef worked as an assistant personnel manager for the Chicago Carton Company for $45 a week in 1949
    Hugh received a Star on the Walk of Fame years ago:

    In 1980, Hef championed the reconstruction of the Hollywood sign (then in serious disrepair) and was honored with a star on the Hollywood walk of fame for his efforts. In saving the sign, Hef referred to it as "Hollywood's Eiffel Tower." The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce honored him further, with its First Annual Hollywood Hall of Fame Award as Outstanding Citizen of the Year.

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    Re: Hugh Hefner and Pooh Both Turn 80

    Maybe they are bed buddies? those sexy old bears.
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