The fun fact is that the original title for Scream was... Scary Movie.

When I was living in Northern Cali, the town (Santa Rosa, CA) went nuts over the idea of them filming this stuff at SR High. It was top-headline, front page stuff in the local paper with appalled parents and "think of the effects it will have on their kids to see a slasher flick set in their own school" and all sorts of whining. Not a day would go by without more news over the fight to film "Wes Craven's Scary Move" at SRHS.

So finally the filmmakers gave in and went to nearby Petaluma and used the high school there with no problems.

As for the parody franchise, #1 was passable and #2 was typical Wayans Brothers garbage, but #3 pretty much saved it for me. You didn't really have to know much of anything about horror flicks to enjoy it. And the bit where the ring turned out to be a toilet-cam view of some guy taking care of his business had me in stitches.