US consumer agency repeats DVD player recall
Reuters 4/19/06

US consumer agency repeats DVD player recall

WASHINGTON, April 19 (Reuters) - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) said on Wednesday it stood by its recall announcement last week for Disney brand portable DVD players because Chinese-made battery packs sold with the players can overheat and possibly burst.

On Tuesday, the Chinese manufacturer of batteries implicated in the recall said it had not yet been proved that its products were used in the machines. The company, McNair Technology Co. Ltd., based in Guangdong province, said it had no business relationship with Memcorp Inc., a Florida-based company that distributed the battery packs.

The CPSC said it had proof that McNair supplied to Memcorp most of the 102,000 rechargeable battery packs involved in the DVD player recall.

The agency "has written and visual evidence supporting the information provided to CPSC by the U.S. importer," it said.

"Due to the burn hazard associated with the recalled batteries, U.S. consumers are advised to stop using the battery pack supplied with these DVD players immediately and contact Memcorp for a replacement," it said in a statement.

The CPSC said there have been 17 reports of batteries overheating.

The recalled DVD players were sold at Walt Disney Co theme parks, through the Disney catalog, and at discount and electronics stores nationwide from April 2005 through March 2006 for between $70 and $130.

The players areabout 6.5 inches by 5.5 inches and include the models Princess, Fairy Flowers, Mickey Classic, Mickey Mouse and Power Rangers.