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    Lightbulb Pixar: What's Next?

    Pixar has covered many character concepts, including:

    • Toys (Toy Story, Toy Story 2)
    • Bugs/Insects (A Bug's Life)
    • Monsters (Monster's Inc, Mike's New Car**)
    • Fish/Sea Life (Finding Nemo)
    • Superheroes/Supervillians (The Incredibles, Jack Jack Attack!**)
    • Humans (The Incredibles, Jack Jack Attack**, Geri's Game, Toy Story)
    • Birds (For the Birds**, Finding Nemo)
    • Cars (Cars*)
    • Rats/Mice (Ratouille*)
    * Indicates an unreleased film
    ** Indicates a Short Film

    So, what do you think is next for Pixar?

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    Re: Pixar: What's Next?

    i would like to see a comedy on simple domesticated pet could work if the animals are interesting enough...i live with 8 animals and every day i think about how cool that would be to have an animated movie...its really entertaining to watch them

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