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    Extra Points for Cattiness - New York Times, 4/23/06

    The upcoming Desperate Houswives video game, due for release this fall from Buena Vista Games, is already drawing its fair share of criticism.

    By Kaly Soto
    You're not a desperate housewife, you just want to play one at home. Or so Buena Vista Games hopes. The company recently announced plans for a video game based on the ABC series about the secrets and lives on Wisteria Lane. But that latter-day soap opera doesn't immediately lend itself to the action needs of a video game, and that may explain the downright unneighborly reaction among gamers and fans of the show.

    Well in advance of the game's fall release, online forums hummed with disdain. "Rated U for unnecessary," a critic wrote on And modelchick8806 posted on " I don't sleep around, cause drama, cook and clean in real life, so why would I want to do it virtually?" She added, "This is an insult to female gamers."
    Full Story: Extra Points for Cattiness (Free registration required)

    Could you be a Virtual Desperate Housewife? Vote here.
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