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    'Lost' cast member going to Jail - - 4/25/06

    Lost's Michelle Rodriguez Goes to Jail
    Tuesday Apr 25, 2006 6:30pm EST

    Full article at :,00.html

    Lost actress Michelle Rodriguez pleaded guilty to DUI charges in Hawaii Tuesday.

    The judge at Kaneohe District Court in Oahu offered Rodriguez, 27, a choice between 240 hours of community service or five days in jail. Rodriguez chose the jail time. She will also pay a $500 fine.

    Her sentence minus one day for the night she spent in jail following her Dec. 1 arrest began Tuesday, although Rodriguez was first allowed to go home to gather some necessities.
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    Re: 'Lost' cast member going to Jail - - 4/25/06

    No surprise there. Should've been a heavier sentence IMO.

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    Re: 'Lost' cast member going to Jail - - 4/25/06

    Well all they have to do is have everybody wake up and she is gone, problem solved.

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