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Thread: Mlb 2005

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    Mlb 2005

    O.K. Before I start this thread I have a request: NO STEROID talk in here please! Thanks!

    Now, on to the 2005 season.

    1.) Whats your favorite team?
    2.) Who is your favorite player?
    3.) Who will win their Division this year?
    4.) Who will win the N.L. and A.L. MVP this year?
    5.) Who will be the comeback player of the year?

    I'll post my thoughts later when I have more time cause it's back to work for me!

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    Favorite Team : Dodgers. I highly doubt they will win the devision this year.
    Favorite Player: None. Pro-athletes are not worth of hero status.
    Division winners: Tampa Bay (I think they will capture the devil and make him make a deal for his freedom.)

    Who will win it all? Atlanta, finally. Then they will not with the division again for 20+ years.

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