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    WAnt to meet Lightning McQueen and Sally Carrera?

    Last month I posted that life sized models of 2 of the vehicles from 'Cars' would be making thier way around the US. SInce finding that out, I have been hounding my State Farm agent to please let me know if he hears anything about when and where they will be appearing.

    I just spoke to him and he let me know that they will be making a appearance this Sunday in San Francisco and Monday in Bakersfield.

    Sunday May 7th, #3 Saramonte Center, Daly City, 4pm - 7pm.

    Monday May 8th, State Farm Parking Lot, Bakersfield, 11:30am - 1pm.

    Future dates for the tour is as follows:
    May 4 DuPont, WA
    May 5 Seattle, WA
    May 6 Portland, OR
    May 7 San Francisco, CA
    May 8 Bakersfield, CA
    May 10-12 Los Angeles, CA
    May 15 Houston, TX
    May 17-18 Atlanta, GA
    May 20-21 Orlando, FL
    May 22-23 Jacksonville, FL
    May 24-28 Charlotte, NC -- World Premiere/NASCAR Coca Cola 600
    May 30 Charlottesville, VA
    May 31 Parsippany, NJ
    June 1-6 New York, NY
    June 11-18 Los Angeles, CA
    June 19 Phoenix, AZ
    June 21 San Antonio, TX
    June 22 Dallas, TX
    June 23-24 Tulsa, OK
    June 26 St. Louis, MO
    June 27 Erlanger, KY
    June 28 Cincinnati, OH
    June 29 Lexington, KY
    June 30 Columbus, OH
    July 5 Battle Creek, MI
    July 6 Oakbrook, IL
    July 7 Bloomington, IL
    July 8-11 Chicago, IL

    To find out exactly where they will be, contact your local State Farm office.
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    Re: WAnt to meet Lightning McQueen and Sally Carrera?

    Bummer nothing in Utah or Idaho

    Will trade husband for Disneyland and DCA Pins!

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