Disney Starts Thinking Small
Motley Fool - 5/3/06

Disney Starts Thinking Small

The honeymoon period with new Disney CEO Bob Iger continues. He has successfully repaired frayed relationships and kept the company humming along nicely. Everybody's watching ABC and ESPN. Attendance at the company's flagship theme parks is climbing, despite higher fuel prices.

The consensus is pretty bullish on Disney these days. None of the 25 analysts tracking the company have a negative stance on the company. Even around Fooldom, my attempts to get a Disney segment scheduled for Dueling Fools have come up empty, for lack of a public bear on the company.

So what's next for this resurgent entertainment empire? Is it going to Disneyland? Nope -- it's going back to basics, with a new television show and a travel promotion that both have toddlers in Disney's marketing crosshairs.
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