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    Quote Originally Posted by Aladdin
    But with Johnny Depp, you have a more youthful appearance, and characters with much greater depth, and each role designed for that particular character only. And Johnny's characters are always a wonderful creation. He is more consistanly "on".
    I think with this movie, they had to cast someone youthful in the role of Willy Wonka. Depp has shown his ability to play off the wall characters in Pirates of the Caribbean, Ed Wood, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas to name a few. I think Robin Williams is a great actor, but agree with Aladdin, unless he's on caffeine overload, his characters are not the same (One Hour Photo in addition the ones Aladdin mentioned). I think Depp is a great choice.

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    MickeyMania, you've posed quite the idea. I LOVE Robin Williams and just find him hilarious. However, I also love Johnny Depp, so to ask one to choose which one they'd rather have, it's hard for me!

    I think it completely goes with where Tim Burton wanted to take this movie. I believe he wants to make it a bit darker than the last one, so therefore Johnny is the best choice (in my eyes). However, if he was wanting to make something similar to the last one, Robin Williams probably would have been a better choice. Just my two cents.

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