You've gotta enjoy a film where soccer superstar David Beckham plays David Beckham, and not all together convincingly.True another movie set in the world of soccer would have been better with Keira Knightley, but that is another story. 'Goal! The Dream Begins' is a wonderful fable, a modern-day fairytale where a talented, young Mexican immigrant living in Los Angeles meets his dream head-on. The chance to play soccer professionally in England, having honed his skills in matches played locally in MacArthur Park and East Los Angeles College's stadium. All of the obstacles are there, as usually found in sports-related films, but they're placed there to be overcome.
The film's hero, Santiago Munez is written and played a little too saintly but the actor Kuno Becker (a TV star in Mexico) portraying him wins you over with natural warmth and a welcoming spirit. He's ably supported by Alessandro Nivola and some wonderful British actors and atheletes. The crowd and stadium shots in Newcastle are thrilling and the players are dazzling to watch. It's very easy to see why this sport and it's heroes are so beloved.

'Goal! The Dream Begins' from Touchstone Pictures
opens nationwide Friday May 12, 2006
The film is rated PG

Mexico National Team Heads To World Cup
With Last U.S Match Up Versus Venezuela at Rose Bowl on May 5

'GOAL!' to premiere at Tribeca Int'l Film Festival

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