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    Mickey Gone 3D.....

    on the Disney Channel. Has anyone else seen this clubhouse thing they are doing?
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    Re: Mickey Gone 3D.....

    Yes, I saw the first two episodes that aired on Friday and Saturday. And damn I think I'm about 21 years too old for this show. Specifically meant for children probably still in diapers or just pottytrained. Reminded me a lot like Dora the Explorer. The kids have to "interact" with Mickey and the gang by responding to the questions he asks. Not the greatest animation. But I guess that since it's for children, they don't really care.

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    Re: Mickey Gone 3D.....

    They finally got Mickey right for the series.... Mickey had been lacking the correct ears in the other CGI incarnations. Glad to see his ears that defy the laws of perspective back on his head.

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