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    I think based on events versus based on a true story is a difference in significance. Events means some measure of something that happened is included where based on a true story is more conclusive to a complete scenerio of events.

    I guess..
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    As far as this "based on a true story" business goes, know that "Amityville" is perhaps the least factual movie ever based on fact. Yes, six members of the DeFeo family were murdered in their Long Island home and, yes, the Lutz family did occupy the residence afterwards, but the rest is firmly established bunk.

    A more progressive, post-modern "Amityville" might have shown us how opportunists used the DeFeo tragedy to spawn a nice little cottage industry

    (the Lutzes' account was first adapted into a best-selling novel by Jay Anson). Do you think Al is a relative?

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    I went to see it last night.

    and to put this?
    It scared the crap out of most of the pople in the theater (Based on the comments I heard in the ladies room directly after the movie)
    It left me disapointed.
    If I had been unfamiliar with the story ( not read the book, back story, researched to find the fact and fiction of the house....)
    I would have enjoyed it more. In mycase it turned out not to be able to live up to my expecttions.

    now don't get me wrong it had a few really good jump moments, the effects were actualy pretty good (very reminicent of the Ring type of effects.)
    The writers/ directors took some artistic license to elaborate on parts.

    again I think if I did not have so much background I would have enjoyed it more...everyone else in the theater seemed to really enloy it. (one girl said it was the scariest thing she had ever seen)

    anyway...I can't wait to hear your reviews/opinions
    I deliberatly left this vague so as not to ruin anything for anyone that has not seen it yet. but once more of you have seen it I would love to discect this movie.....

    I have a lot to grumble about...and compliment...but I really don't want to ruin it for I'll wait for you guys to see it.

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    I have to admit I still want to see it! :o Like you I've read about the whole shebang though so I'm sure I"ll be disappointed there too. It's the fact that you said there were some good jump moments that got me though I LOVE those jump moments, I admit it, I'm a sucker for them.

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    Watched The Excorcist when you were ten? Goodness I watched it when i was 18 and it scared the Wizzo's Outta Me! You Must of been one tough kid.
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    Aww i saw it last night and i loved it!! not only is Ryan Reynolds really hot, but the movie gave a really good creepy feeling to it. I have to admit that I havn't seen the original either, nor do I know much of the actual story, I might start doing some research though.
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    I saw it this weekend. I have NEVER been so scared in a movie before. My sister, cousin, and I were screaming uncontrollably SO much. And trust me, we have tolerance for horror movies (The Exorcist (the Beginning and the original), Candyman, Rings 1 and 2,The Grudge just to name a few), but we were SCARED to death with this one. I might not even watch it again But congrats to the directors, they did a good job scaring everyone in the theater...
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