A sneak preview of the soon-to-be-released Cars video game for Xbox.

By Matthew Fisher

On June 9th, the seventh film in the pairing of Disney and Pixar will hit theatres everywhere. The movie in question is Cars, and three days before that (June 6th), a game will be hitting consoles everywhere baring that same name. Coincidence? Not really, as the game is based on the events of the movie. However, it is also adding some new content to the story, as well as taking players beyond the events they will see on the silver screen. On the show floor of this years E3, we had a tiny bit of playtime with a level from the upcoming game. A racer of sorts, this movie based title is looking to bring something extra to the table, and possibly putting it a notch above a traditional licensed based game.

Developed by Rainbow Studios, and published by THQ, Disney/Pixar’s Cars tells the story of a tiny red racecar named Lightening McQueen. The overall goal over the movie, as well as game, is Lightning’s quest to capture the Piston Cup Championship. To do so, he must go on a set of races that test his nerves, as well as skill. The game is set to not only tell the story of the movie, but expand on it as well, branching out into areas only mentioned in the flick. The game will be set-up as an open-ended racer, which means players will be able to drive freely around the desert town of Radiator Springs, searching for various races as they go.
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