'High School Musical' Scores Big

Cable TV Movie Considered By Some This Generation's 'Grease'

(CBS)If you happen to have a child in junior high school or younger you already know that the Disney television movie "High School Musical" is a gigantic hit. People magazine editor at large and The Early Show entertainment contributor Jess Cagle explains why kids love it so much.

Since the movie debuted on the Disney Channel this past January, the made-for-cable movie has become a phenomenon with the "tween set," the 9- to 14-year-olds. The movie scores huge ratings every time Disney re-airs it and the show's soundtrack has produced several hit songs. Later this week, the DVD is slated for release and is expected to fly off store shelves.

"High School Musical" is squeaky clean, but kids have embraced it. The movie has aired 10 times on the Disney Channel to an audience of 34 million viewers a phenomenal number for a cable movie.
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