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    I wish they would have a special... on Disney channel

    I wish they would have two or three day special and show all the "Disneyland" episodes from all seasons, I really would like to see them, but seeing that the Disney channel doesn't show any origional movies by Walt Disney it doesn't seem that they will ever come back. Does anyone know if they have these on DVD/VHS?

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    Re: I wish they would have a special... on Disney channel

    I don't know any specifics, but the Disney Treasures DVDs would be your best bet. You'll have to do some searching as they are limited releases and stores seem to have the most recent in stock, if that.

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    Re: I wish they would have a special... on Disney channel

    I should be a television producer, for I always thought it would be cool to have a "Park View" program on the Disney channel. It would be a like a newsmagazine, be broadcast from a different Disney Park weekly and then would also have a specific theme each week. You could do Frontierland one week, rollercoasters the next, shows and entertainment another. I'm so ready to host it as well. You could to quick breaks of "hidden mickeys" right before a commercial, and then, when the show returns, show where it's located.

    I have the DVD that lb talks about. But it's like, four episodes.

    But it keeps me interested!

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    Re: I wish they would have a special... on Disney channel

    I was lucky to take some initiative and record the last several episodes they showed on Vault Disney before they ripped it away from us kicking and screaming. I was always bummed they didn't put more of them on that DVD. Hopefully one day they will do a sequel though. And this time put bonus features on it that are really worth being called bonus features!

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    Post Re: I wish they would have a special... on Disney channel

    I always loved watching Valt Disney when it came on late at night, because you knew there was always something different they were going to show . Now they have such dumb shows on Disney Channel . I am only a teen, but what about kids in the future, they will still have these dumb shows playing on DC (Disney Channel) and none of these kids will know about the true Disney Experience about how the parks got started and how Walt came up with the ideas and such . I hope you know what mean.

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