Studios seek untraditional promo partners

Reuters News Agency

LOS ANGELES -- Big summer films such as Superman Returns and Cars are looking further afield than traditional marketing partners such as McDonald's, Burger King and PepsiCo as they try to reach niche markets -- and figuring out how to deal with media attention on junk food and obesity.

"All the studios are aware that childhood obesity is an issue," one studio-promotions executive said. "They're slowly starting to figure out what they want to do. but there hasn't been a shift yet. People are just more aware of it."

More to the point, entertainment marketers and studio executives say they are seeking deals with unconventional brands and non-traditional partners in an attempt to reach as many moviegoers as possible.

Disney/Pixar's June 7 release Cars has lined up 17 promotional partners for what is being described as the biggest and broadest campaign in Disney history. More traditional U.S. partners include McDonald's, AT&T, Georgia-Pacific, Kellogg's and General Mills's Go-Gurt brand.
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