Anyone can hire Roder or the other Disney guides for a private tour at $75 per hour (minimum four hours). But front-of-the-line privileges are not included.

"I can tell you the best way to navigate the park, but everybody plays by the same rules," Roder says.

Not everyone. Celebrities who "could adversely affect crowd flows" (attract screaming fans) are quickly and quietly ushered onto rides. Roder has led her share of celebs, having the warmest memories of John Tesh ("he was so nice to everyone who came up, signing autographs all day") and wanting to forget the Hilton family, including Paris ("we had to part the Red Sea for them, and they were never happy").

Roder stops by each table to say goodbye, thanking each of her guests. A few try to press a $5 or $10 bill into her hand but she refuses, even though Disneyland years ago had ended its policy of prohibiting tips - making the Jungle Cruise guides very happy.

"My reward is my job," Roder says. "I get to go to Disneyland every day."