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    Thumbs up Behind the Magic - Disneyland Exhibition at the Oakland Museum

    Well, I stopped down by the Oakland Museum yesterday afternoon and took in the Behind the Magic Exhibition.

    I decided to write this little review as I haven't really seen one yet on the exhibit.

    First off, I must say that I was impressed by the level of deapth that the material presented. The interplay between audio guide, video presentation, and visual artifacts gave visitors a unique dimention into Disneyland.

    I personally believe that it is worth going to as it is a better presentation of the simular material than what is at Disneyland itself - where the Walt Disney story currently resides.

    Most of the story presented in the exhibition was told from first hand accounts of those who remember Disneyland comming together in the creation phase. Marty Sklar's contributions where the most promenant on the audio guide particularly when featuring the attractions that where created post worlds fair... He also gave a few notes regarding the upcoming renovation of the POTC.

    He mentioned that the idea really stemmed from working out a version of POTC for Hong Kong Disneyland, but the technology now has improved, and that many of the people who attent HKDL only have a concept of these pirates from the movies rather than culturally. And he implied that when putting the attraction together with updated technology, they felt the experiance would have been far more advance that what exhists currently in the parks so the decision to change them all to a newer version was made.

    There was also an interesting point that was made with Walts concept of park lay outs that are in direct contrast with the current park design. I didn't know if it was a cheap shot against the current design of tomorrowland. The whole concept of "weenies" or attractive visual devices used to bring the eye into areas of the park, are noticably missing both in the New Tomorrowland, but in areas of DCA.

    The only notes I have about the exhibit was that the ending displays didn't seem to have a cohearent process, POTC seemed to be presented in two locations as opposed to one. But this is sadly typical of exhibits at musieums where they have to use multiple desplay rooms because there isn't one big enough to house the whole display.

    There are also attractions and elements noticably missing... For example they cover Indy, but not Star Tours... They cover Toon Town but not Splash or Big Thunder...

    Even with these short commings, I thought it is still worth the $14 to visit DL by Lake Merritt.
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    Re: Behind the Magic - Disneyland Exhibition at the Oakland Museum

    Actually a few of us wrote a review about it right after we went opening weekend. I wish I knew you were going to be going, I would have joined you.
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