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    Question "Hidden Mickeys" in Movies?

    I was watching Jungle 2 Jungle, and I saw a scene where Tim Allen was in his office, and what do I see on his desk,...A Mickey Mouse card. So this brings me to my question: How many of you think there are "Hidden Mickeys" in movies, Live-Action or Animated. or How many people have seen any hidden mickeys in movies?

    I would loved to hear what you all have to say!

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    Re: "Hidden Mickeys" in Movies?

    there is really millions of them in all disney movies so you might have to check the hidden mickeys site for most of them.

    From Jeff

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    Re: "Hidden Mickeys" in Movies?

    This is my favorite hidden mickey. It's from the film Tron.

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    Re: "Hidden Mickeys" in Movies?

    oh in the hunchback of Notredame in the first scene i spoted that on the actual Notredame church they have windows that form one when the footage goes from the clouds to the ground

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