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    Sahara - the movie

    I just finally got around to see Sahara the other night and I was pleasantly surprised by it. Now first and foremost I want to say that I read the Clive Cussler book and did enjoy it. If you go in and expect a faithful adaptation of the book then you are going to be very, very disappointed.

    HOWEVER, if you go in and just enjoy the movie I think that you will have a really good time. It was very fast pace and had a nice gritty look and feel to it. The actors are all very good and the chemistry between Matthew McConaughey and Steve Zahn is great.

    I also like the fact that there was not that much CGI work especially in the fight scenes. Im tired of people who turn something that should be realistic into a matrix type of fight with lots of wire work.

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    OHHHHHHHHHH so glad I wasn't alone. I am a film major who tends to agree more often with critics than I should. Here is an example over critical critics who failed to enjoy one of the better subtle action films this year! I loved this way more than say "National Treasure".

    The plot was thick but the plot holes were forgivable especially because the casting and dialogue was so fun! Its no Indiana Jones but it sure was worth my 7 bucks!

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    I just saw this tonight...and It was...ok. Nothing too great. It was so slow for the first almost hour i felt. I kept thinking, "when is it supposed to get good?" It finally started to pick up towards the end thankfully. I probably could have waited for this on dvd. The dialogue wasn't as amusing as some believed. A few quirky lines filled here and there. But, i am pretty darn critical when it comes to ..well..EVERYTHING. So, i'm sure most will enjoy this movie. Again, it was ok.
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