So glad this show has come back. No other show on TV really takes command of the English language through better or worse. It always seems to play out like a shakesphere play. This season is getting harder and harder to tell the good guys from the bad. Over at the Bella Union Cy Tolliver seems to be a bit under the weather. When Joanie arrived in Deadwood, she was the woman who knew her craft inside and out. Now after the horrible turn of events last season, she doesnt want to crawl back to CY. Her business is gone and so is her self respect. Seth Bullock now has a different look as a man with no purpose. Sure he is the sheriff of Deadwood, but he is seen just wondering the streets trying to patch up old problems. He looks lost. OH and AL Swearengen has come back strong after his little problem last season. He about to take on George Hearst and put the camp back the way it was. This is going to explode!

One thing of reference, notice that Seth is going to take over the adams house? It is like the oldest home in Deadwood. It is still there today.

My favorite scene was EB getting yanked from behind his desk by Bullock and pulverized.

With Mrs Bullock teaching the children the manners. This looks like foundation for government. The camp will reflect on this and move toward State-Hood.