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    Re: name your favorite Classic Animated movies...

    The Last Unicorn- LOOOOVE the book.

    Secret of NIHM- drama and family values. I miss darker cartoons. I'd rather have drama than stupid potty humor

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    Re: name your favorite Classic Animated movies...

    Alice In Wonderland is my very favorite. I also like Sleeping Beauty and Robin Hood and Peter Pan. Oh! And The Jungle Book! Dumbo and Bambi both are on the no-fly list because they make me cry just thinking about them. Worst Disney Movie Ever goes to Oliver and Company. That one was just weird.

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    Re: name your favorite Classic Animated movies...

    Choosing a favorite Disney movie that's hard....can I pick H. All Disney movies?!
    For reals though, I'd say my all time favorite would be The Little Mermaid, that is the first movie I went and saw at a theater and I think it was an IMAX one, just because how big it was, Ursula was so big I started to cry, I was so stinkin cute, huh? Then I'd have to say The Swiss Family Robinson because I always thought it would be so neat to leave in an enormous treehouse with monkeys and parrots, riding ostriches and fighting pirates. Peter Pan because I love Tinkerbell, my grandpa used to call me Tink, I'd assume because I'm blonde and have an attitude. Then lastly A Bug's Life and The Emperor's New Groove, for the comedy of both.

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