June 20, 2006
The Hollywood Reporter

Dis picks up 'Mother' of all spy pics

Walt Disney Pictures has pre-emptively picked up "Mother of Invention," a family comedy by Joe D'Ambrosia and Tom Teves that will be produced by Andrew Gunn via his Gunn Films label as well as Stacey Attanasio-Gonsalves. "Invention" is loosely based on a real-life spy who also is a San Francisco single soccer mom with two kids and a nanny. Her kids do not know she is a spy, and she plans to retire by the time the movie comes out. D'Ambrosia and Teves met the woman at a party, and when they heard her story, they saw "movie" written all over it. After persuading the woman to cede her life story, D'Ambrosia showed the idea to Attanasio-Gonsalves, with whom he worked at Sony Pictures Family Entertainment, where he developed family movies. (Borys Kit)