Touchstone Pictures Gives MySpace Members the Chance to 'STEP UP' to a Once-in-a-Lifetime Movie and Music Video Role
The Studio's First-of-Its-Kind Contest Takes MySpace Members Across America by Storm
LOS ANGELES, June 23 /PRNewswire/ -- In the spirit of reality show phenomena, Touchstone Pictures is giving members of MySpace, the leading Internet lifestyle portal, the opportunity to be part of the movie STEP UP and perform in a music video for the movie with multi-platinum, pop sensation recording artist Ciara. Five dancers have been selected on MySpace by movie fans nationwide, and will be traveling to Los Angeles to perform in Ciara's upcoming music video "Get Up" that will be featured in the film and on the STEP UP soundtrack. The five winners were announced yesterday, and can be viewed -- along with all twenty finalists -- on the STEP UP MySpace profile ( ).