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    Wink Pay Scale of Professionals CM's at Disneyland?


    Does anyone know how much managers and professional CM's earn at Disneyland?

    Any idea about Executive Cast Member pay?


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    Re: Pay Scale of Professionals CM's at Disneyland?

    I am rather curious about this myself. Are all jobs around DLR of the 8-9 dollar an hour variety or is it possible to actually make something like a livable wage?

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    Re: Pay Scale of Professionals CM's at Disneyland?

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    Re: Pay Scale of Professionals CM's at Disneyland?

    Unfortunately, that link doesn't provide any info on salaried rates.

    In my experience, non-executive level managerial or salaried jobs in the entertainment field pay significantly less than comparable jobs in the private sector. For example, when I was job hunting a few months ago, I found a position at Warner Bros. at the same level I am at now pays at least $15k less per year. Very disheartening, as I'd always wanted to move into a professional, salaried career at Disney. I just dont' think the pay is high enough, even if you're NOT a CM.

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    Re: Pay Scale of Professionals CM's at Disneyland?

    Not as much as the President of Starwood makes.

    An executive at DL could make a pretty decent salary, but that also means being in charge of thousands of cast members.
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    Re: Pay Scale of Professionals CM's at Disneyland?

    Will let you know.....OK, maybe not!
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