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    Testtrack321's Pirates Review

    So, we just got back from the midnight (ok.... 12:01) showing of Pirates. I do have to say, I read some reviews beforehand and was scared. So, here's my review.

    If you loved the first one, you'll love this one, simple. The characters are there, there are even more now, and some classics return. Unfortuantly, unlike the first one, the main land and the sea aren't tied together at all, infact, it seems like two different planets. Also, a lack of any agression or explanation for somethings on the British side makes me scratch my head.

    Finally, one big problem with the film is it's violence. Yes, this is a PIRATE movie, but when you see some of this stuff, you'll wonder what their goal was with it.

    Overall, this seems to have been a movie where some of the ideas and concepts would have been strung through the first, if this was a trillogy. In the end, it's a great movie, better than many of the movies out there, and well worth watching even despite some of my gripes.

    , and yes, the mayor getting dunked is in the movie

    ...a vaguely celtic music fills the air...

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    Re: Testtrack321's Pirates Review

    squeeee tonight tonight tonight!!!

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