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    How 'Pirates' pulled it off - USA TODAY 7/9/06

    All the right moves put 'Pirates' atop box office

    Posted 7/9/2006 9:05 PM ET

    Walt Disney Pictures
    Sensational sequel:
    Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley in Dead Man's Chest.

    By Scott Bowles, USA TODAY

    How do you follow up a film that just enjoyed the biggest opening in movie history?
    Keep your mouth shut.

    That was the strategy behind releasing Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest this weekend and will likely be Disney's plan with the third installment in the franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, due May 25.

    Analysts say that one of the keys to Pirates' success was that, in a summer rife with over-hype and blitzkrieg marketing, the Johnny Depp adventure had a comparatively understated campaign.

    Though Disney spent millions in ads, executives opened the movie on a traditionally slow weekend, after the July Fourth holiday. Instead of saturating the market with ads more than a month before its opening, as Mission: Impossible III and The Da Vinci Code did, Pirates waited until three weeks before its debut for a full-on push.

    Part of the work, experts say, had been done for Disney. The 2003 original, The Curse of the Black Pearl, took in $305.4 million and was a hit on DVD.

    "They let the movies do most of the talking," says Gitesh Pandya of boxoffice box-office trackers. "There was a built-up appetite. Certainly, Disney spent a healthy amount marketing this time. But relatively speaking, it was a quiet movie."

    Disney executives even refused to discuss the movie's prospects when early tracking suggested that it could break the record for biggest debut.
    "We were afraid to even think that out loud," says Disney distribution chief Chuck Viane. "You don't want to appear cocky because it can work against you."
    But when Viane visited a theater in Woodland Hills, Calif., for a midnight screening Thursday, he knew that the studio had sold the movie well.
    "I expected to see teenagers," he says. "But there were families and 10-year-olds at a midnight screening. People were in costume.
    "When you see people in pirate costumes at your movie, it's a safe bet they've been waiting for it."

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    Re: How 'Pirates' pulled it off - USA TODAY 7/9/06

    I saw a few people at the 5:00 showing i went to see dressed up. Everyone was so enthusiastic about it. Great movie.

    I totally agree with how they pushed it with the marketing. They didn't rub it in people's faces, slap signs all over the place or tie into a bunch of auto insurance ads. They sort of did that with Cars and people get tired of it. That is what turns people off. With most of the billboards and ads, they just showed a pirate skull. The marketing was kept simple and to the point, just as much so that they were teasing you. Plus, you didn't see a bunch of tv ads the day that it opened with critics reviews making up the entire commercial (again, like Cars).

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    Re: How 'Pirates' pulled it off - USA TODAY 7/9/06

    Most of the work in Marketing PTOC 2, was done by
    how well PTOC 1, was written, acted, directed, special
    effects, scored, edited, etc. People were excited about
    this movie for months before it even hit the theaters.
    And it was publicized(not by Disney) that the anticipation
    for POTC:2 was higher than any other movie previously.

    Marketing did do a lot, the fruit snacks and cereal for
    POTC 2 was out back in February! Then all the other
    tie ins began. That's a heck of a lot more than what
    they did for the 1st movie.

    Then all the toys came out, and the Disney Store even
    had merchandise for this movie, BEFORE the POTC 2
    was in theaters. And of course McDonald's decides it's
    a good thing, THIS TIME AROUND, to promote POTC 2,
    so they have posters, and a Big Mac contest, AND
    POTC Happy Meal toys.

    OK, we haven't seen Capt Jack Sparrow on any
    insurance commercials,

    YET. but wait about 3 weeks.

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