CCI, Day 2: 75 Years of Disney Comic Publishing

by John Reha, Guest Writer
Posted: July 21, 2006

Steve Behling headed up a panel on the future of Disney's comic publishing arm at Comic-Con International in San Diego. In attendance were many of Disney's team of creators. He spoke about how "Disney Adventures," a monthly magazine for kids, has “20 pages of comics,” and spotlighted their monthly comic magazine "Comic Zone," from which four of the strip have been released as graphic novels: "Gorilla Gorilla," "Kid Gravity," "Tall Tales," and "Lilo & Stitch." He stressed that while they do comics based on Disney movie, they also do “home grown” comics like those seen in "Disney Adventures."

He then introduced the panel, and asked them to introduce the titles they're working on.

First up was Garry Black, who writes "Jetpack Pets." They're the “heroes of Sky City, the house pets of the people in office,” he said. The fight “animal villains, just crazy villains. They try to resolve the mess that came to sky city that the people in office can't manage all the time.” Supporting characters include Professor Backfire, who is a scientist that provides them with gadgets, and the Jetpack Pals, the children fans of the Jetpack Pets. What's important to Black is to “try to have them save the day without violence.”
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