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    Admiral Norrington in POTC 3? (WARNING: POTENTIAL SPOILERS)

    Has anyone else noticed this on Wikipedia?

    Do a search for James Norrington. What comes back says:

    James Norrington has been returned to his high-class status, only promoted further into the rank of admiral instead of commodore. He also has Davy Jones and his crew at his command, having captured his heart in the second film. Rumors say that he will be killed by Bootstrap Bill Turner.
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    Re: Admiral Norrington in POTC 3? (WARNING: POTENTIAL SPOILERS)

    After seeing #2 I knew that there was no doubt he would be in #3 .

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    Re: Admiral Norrington in POTC 3? (WARNING: POTENTIAL SPOILERS)

    This is what I was told by friends working on the film...

    I mentioned that I really loved Norrington's new scruffy look, and wasn't too found of the "stick up the bum" perfect look before. She laughed and said, "well, enjoy it while you can, cause that stick is getting re-inserted in the next film." LOL

    *Hey..I finally got to use a spoiler thingy...
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    Re: Admiral Norrington in POTC 3? (WARNING: POTENTIAL SPOILERS)

    My poor daughter. As soon as Norrington got quasi-cleaned up in PotC2, I practically shouted, "HOLY CRAP, Norrington got HOT!" She melted into the seat and tried to disappear, then I went on to compare him to Aragorn and I think I said something about licking his stubble before she hit the floor and crawled away.....

    I want him to keep the scruff, dammit.

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    Re: Admiral Norrington in POTC 3? (WARNING: POTENTIAL SPOILERS)

    /\ Funny.

    I liked how he looked (hence the lovely pic for sig.)
    Shame he goes back to being a powdered wig with a stick up his but.

    Covered just in case.

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