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    Re: I Just Bought _____ on DVD!

    I just bought "Camp" on DVD.. it's one of my favorite movies ever. I love it
    I'm gonna sing it; from the heart behind these hands

    Please do not put on your safety goggles until you are safely seated inside the theater safely

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    Re: I Just Bought _____ on DVD!

    Stewie Griffin, the untold story.
    "All my life I've had one dream, to achieve my many goals.
    Homer Jay Simpson

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    Re: I Just Bought _____ on DVD!

    Princess and the Pirate (Bob Hope)
    Old Gringo (Gregory Peck)
    Sunset Blvd.
    The Ladies Man (Jerry Lewis)
    House of Wax (Vincent Price)
    Casanova's Big Night (Bob Hope)
    Harvey (James Stewert)
    Hero at Large (John Ritter)

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    Re: I Just Bought _____ on DVD!

    latest amazon order:
    six feet under - season 4
    the golden girls - season 1+2 (yeah, so?)
    Margaret Cho Collection

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