Washington Post, 8/6/06
In the Concert Hall, It Smells Like Tween Spirit

By William Booth
Washington Post Staff Writer

The "Radio Disney Totally Ten Birthday Concert" at the Arrowhead Pond arena in Anaheim? To be huge. Aly & AJ. Jesse McCartney. The Cheetah Girls. The July 22 event sold out. Seriously, Internet scalpers were asking $129 for the cheap seats. The crowd? An ocean of tweens -- and their moms (a joined entity, we would learn later, known in marketing circles as "the four-legged consumer"). When we arrived in the parking lot that Saturday night there was already a line of limos. Reflect on the awesome power of an economic system capable of producing the almost Willy Wonkian construct: limousines filled with children.
Attention, senior citizens, age 21 and over: In case you've missed it, it's time to GET OUT OF THE WAY. The tween demographic, formerly known as "children," roughly 7 to 13, is red-hot. Tweens are the new teens who are the new adults who are the human ATMs making limousines filled with children possible.

Research reveals that tweens "spend" between $38 billion and $59 billion a year, depending on how one defines the exact age of the cohort and the verb "spend," meaning who is signing the credit card receipts vs. who is ripping the plastic wrapping off the CD jewel cases while still in the store.
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