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    Disney paid Eisner housing in NYC...

    Just caught this one on the wire...

    Hmmm... I guess there wasn't any room at the Y...

    At Walt Disney (DIS ), the company this year reported that outgoing CEO Michael Eisner has received a $10,000-a-month allowance toward maintenance of his apartment in New York City, where he travels frequently on business. Disney says the payment is less than it would fork out if Eisner were staying at hotels. But critics contend that such allowances are a way to funnel additional cash to executives who are already extremely well compensated.
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    Another reason for all shareholders to oust the board at the next meeting.

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    Executives that earn way too much money. Bankrupting one and then moving on to another at even higher salaries -- "Golden Parachutes" along with stock options. Isn't Corporate America just grand?

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