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    Disney rules out large internet partnerships - MarketWatch, 8/9/06

    MarketWatch, 8/9/06
    Disney rules out large internet partnerships

    By Joshua Chaffin

    Disney said it was unlikely to enter into any "broad, sweeping partnerships" with internet portals such as Google or Yahoo as it builds its internet business.

    "Our opportunities are pretty significant without them," said Robert Iger, the company's chief executive, citing its strong brands and its advertising network.

    Mr Iger's comments come as content producers, such as Disney, are attempting to flex their muscles in a broader industry negotiation with the dominant portals and technology companies that control much of the distribution on the internet and emerging digital devices, such as the iPod.

    This week, Viacom's MTV Networks unveiled a potentially groundbreaking agreement with Google in which it will supply its video clips to hundreds of smaller websites and blogs affiliated with the internet company. The two companies will then share associated advertising revenue.

    While Disney would not rule out distribution agreements, it stressed a desire to exert a stronger control over its content, and better terms in the resulting business opportunities. "One of the big issues we have is who controls the advertising and who controls the customer," Mr Iger said.
    Full Story: Disney rules out large internet partnerships

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    Re: Disney rules out large internet partnerships - MarketWatch, 8/9/06

    Quote: "Disney is hoping to improve on that by rolling out a new website in 2007 that will include more video and community applications, Mr Iger said. It is also planning to invest more money to create its own videogames as opposed to licencing them from third parties."


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