By Russ Britt, MarketWatch, 8/11/06
Bomb plot effect on travel likely muted

LOS ANGELES (MarketWatch) -- Travel firms have little cause to worry about an industry-wide slowdown after a plot to bomb U.S.-bound jets was broken up Thursday -- but a short-term stumble is possible after the plan's implications sink in with the public.

While there may be some traveler skittishness bubbling after the United Kingdom revealed a plot to blow up airliners as they crossed the Atlantic, it wasn't readily apparent at such Web sites as Sabre Holdings,
Travelocity or Expedia Inc.

Some ticket holders did call in right after reports flashed news of the plot's foiling, said Amy Ziff, an editor who writes a travel advice column published by Travelocity. Yet they seemed more concerned about whether their plans would go on as scheduled -- not to cancel reservations.

It's possible fear could swell, but it's too soon to tell, Ziff added.

"It takes a while to actually see how it's going to affect the marketplace, if it's going to affect the marketplace," she said.
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