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    How far would you go for Disney????

    ABCNEWS.COM is carrying a story about extreme Disney fanatics and the lengths they have gone to for the mouse.

    Some of these things seem reasonable:

    Betsy and Dale Nelson left their law enforcement jobs in Fort Lauderdale to move to an Orlando suburb so they would be closer to Walt Disney World; but the 45-minute commute wasn't close enough, so they moved again this time within 2 1/2 miles of the theme park.
    Some, not so much:

    George Reiger has turned his tattooed body into a human animation cell for hundreds of Disney characters.
    The entire story is HERE:

    So, what do you think? How far would you go for the mouse? What do you think of some of the people in this story? Do you think it is even newsworthy? Do you think you should have been in it?

    Something to note in this story- it mentions Disney Fanatics (like most of us probably are) are part of Disney's Marketing strategy with Disney being the only brand to inspire such fanatacism.
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    I still think it would be cool to move into Celebration, the city Disney built outside WDW. Too bad Disney sold it.
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