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    The Mouse searches for fresh magic- Orlando Sentinel- 5/1/05

    The full Text of this article can be found here:

    This article looks at Walt Disney World's Past, Present, and Future, and what the plans are for the next 25 years and beyond for the resort.

    Faced with an aging U.S. population, more sophisticated children and increasing competition for leisure dollars, the crown jewel of Disney's worldwide theme-park empire has set out on a new path.

    The Walt Disney Co.'s once-successful growth strategy -- build, and they will come -- is no longer the road map for the future.

    As the entertainment giant this week celebrates the 50th anniversary of Disneyland, the company is closing a chapter on its U.S. building boom.
    With no new parks scehduled to open stateside, WDW must look inward for a growth strategy.

    Disney's goal: Make more money through additional time-shares, targeted marketing campaigns, investments in the four existing parks and programs to entice tourists to stay longer and spend more. It's a plan that plays well among analysts, who say it makes business sense to reinvest in established parks rather than build anew.

    "I think the premise is truly we are going to grow," said Al Weiss, Disney World president. "It's going to look very different. It's not going to be a big blip up when you build a theme park. It's going to be growth that is going to continue over a long period of time."
    An interesting look at the park which may be next in line to receive the revitilazation that Disneyland has recently received.

    To discuss this article with other WDW fans, visit the forum here
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