GameZone, 8/28/06
PDP Introduces Disney GAME iT! Portable Gaming Units

Featuring Plug-and-Play Capability and 24 New Video Games Starring Popular Disney Characters

Performance Designed Products (PDP), manufacturer of VG Pocket, today announced a new line of portable gaming devices featuring popular Disney characters. The new Disney GAMEiT! personal arcade system is both a portable device that can be played on the go, and a plug-and-play system that be connected to a TV for large screen game play. The units will be available in two styles: “Classic Pals” featuring beloved classic characters such as Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck; and “Princess Pals” featuring characters from popular Disney animated films including Sebastian and Flounder from The Little Mermaid, and more.

Designed by Disney Electronics, Disney GAMEiT! will offer fun-filled multi-level game play on a 2.5” high resolution LCD screen featuring Disney-themed designs to complement the rich Disney gaming experience. Each unit will be loaded with 12 new games (for a total of 24) developed by Buena Vista Games exclusively for Disney GAMEiT!. The “Classic Pals” design will feature easy to play games such as, “Mickey’s Apple Cart,” “Goofy’s Milk Mania“ and “Donald’s Tugboat Adventures” among others. The “Princess Pals” design will include pick-up-and-play games like, “Fairy Godmother’s Pumpkin Surprise,” “Sebastian’s Treasure Hunt” and “Flounder’s Starry Night.”
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