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    New thrills abound as Disney party goes all-out- The Miami Herald 5/1/05

    The Happiest Celebration on Earth comes to WDW. Orlando's maximum theme park is unveiling five new attractions to mark the 50th birthday of older sister, Disneyland

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    Want to soar over orange groves, get pushed around by water jets or commune with a free-ranging dinosaur? Head to Disney World.

    Orlando's four Disney theme parks -- unusually static in recent years -- are making up for lost time with five new attractions to celebrate the 50th anniversary of sister park Disneyland. Most will go into operation Thursday, when ''The Happiest Celebration on Earth'' -- Disney's name for its anniversary festivities -- officially begins
    So many things to get excited about!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dramaqueen

    So many things to get excited about!
    Most definitely.

    I hope the additional spending brings enough of a return that Disney sees it is in their best interest to continue.

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