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    08-29-06 Floyd Norman: Walt Disney’s 10th Old Man

    grownup geeks' guide podcast

    Floyd Norman: Walt Disney’s 10th Old Man
    August 29, 2006

    Though he prefers to be called a “cartoonist,” few other artists working in animation today can boast a career as diverse as that of Floyd Norman. From Sleeping Beauty and The Jungle Book to Monsters Inc., with stops along the way that included nearly ten years of creating the daily Mickey Mouse comic strip, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Mulan, and Toy Story II, Floyd Norman has truly earned the right to be known as Walt Disney’s 10th Old Man.

    Listen to or download the podcast here >>

    Your thoughts...

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    Re: 08-29-06 Floyd Norman: Walt Disney’s 10th Old Man

    Chuck -- another terrific interview. You always seem to bring out the warmth and sincerity in people! Thanks for coaxing info out of Mr. Norman when he was hesitant to name names (or titles, as it were). It's great that we still have these artists from 'back in the day' to hear stories from.

    Our history museum here in St. Louis sponsors happy hours in the summer where they show old 16mm educational films -- have never been to one of these but it'd be interesting to contact the organizers and see if they've got any Vignette Films.

    Didn't have much success getting this from iTunes -- went to your site, recorded it to Audio Hijack and used iTunes to convert to an mp3 so I could download to my iPod... worked great, just needed to spend some time on it. What's up with iTunes (or your feed)?

    So who's up next??

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