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It is expected that the next film will involve Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann joining forces with their old enemy, Barbossa, to rescue Captain Jack Sparrow and Bootstrap Bill Turner and defeat the alliance between Davy Jones, Cutler Beckett, and new villain Sao Feng who supposedly captures Elizabeth.

The first fifty-seven pages of an early draft of the script have leaked online. Co-writer Ted Elliot confirmed on the website KeepToTheCode.com that this is a portion of an extremely early "budget draft" of the script, and while some of the broad strokes of the story are consistent with the final version, specific events and dialogue are very rough when compared with the final film, and these pages do not reflect the final film's writing or quality. This early, rough version of the script shows Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, and Barbossa traveling to the Orient and confronting Captain Sao Feng in search of charts that lead to "World's End". Feng is captain of the red-sailed pirate ship Empress, and hosts a mysterious "dragon lady" onboard his ship. Another element of the ride is represented in this version of the script, when Will, Barbossa and their crew sails their ship; an oriental junk named Hai Peng; off the "end of the world" a huge, straight drop in the middle of the ocean, mimicking the large drops found on the Pirates of the Caribbean theme park attraction. Jack Sparrow and the Black Pearl are found in Davy Jones' Locker, a kind of purgatory made up of nothing but sand and strange crabs with swords. Will is intent on retrieving the Black Pearl as it is the only ship with the speed necessary to overtake the Flying Dutchman and therefore rescue his father Bootstrap Bill Turner. This version of the script shows that Commodore James Norrington has Davy Jones and his crew at his command, having captured his heart in the second film.

Although on FilmFocus Naomie Harris revealed that Tia Dalma has something to do with Jack's rebirth, she has also revealed some facts that lead into believing that she is possibly the sea nymph Calypso. Johnny Depp revealed that Barbossa would be giving his life for Jack Sparrow when the Kraken attacks a ship that they are on (not the Pearl). Also Depp said that he wants to keep playing Jack Sparrow for possibly a fourth movie. As he says ". . .of course, why not!" Bill Nighy has explained that Jones will be a lot more sinister and the statement that Nighy said about the Locker being the underwater canyon is what he said it was originally to look like. In some production photos and other interviews Davy Jones Locker is assumed to be this large rock like island, with black sand, and peaks similar to that of Skull Island, though not as big and no jungles. There are also waterways leading into the island, though it is sea water, not jungle water like on Skull Island. Jack Sparrow is said to be near the center of the island, dead, onboard the Pearl. Recently it has been revealed that the alliance will only be between Sao Feng and Cutler Beckett, not Jones, This is observed as how in the second movie Beckett reveals some of the facts saying how he wants the heart to control the seas. Oren Aviv the President of Production for Walt Disney Pictures mentioned on August 7, 2006 at his "Disney's Behind the Scenes: 'Pirates of the Caribbean: A Peek Inside the Chest'" presentation aboard the Disney Magic cruise ship that the premier of Jack Sparrow in the third movie will have Sparrow inside what Aviv called "Davy Jones's locker". At the same presentation when asked about the name of the third film, Aviv said that the company had not yet decided between World's End and At World's End. When asked personally after the presentation had ended, he confirmed that James Norrington would have at least the same importance to the third movie as he had to Dead Man's Chest.

A recent article in Empire magazine revealed a visit to the Singapore set which features in part of the movie. According to another article in Entertainment Weekly, director Gore Verbinski, revealed a basic plot: "Piracy itself is at stake. It's like the railroad coming to the West". Verbinski continues on to state that within the film there will be: "a conference of the world's pirate leaders and a treacherous journey to the literal ends of the earth".

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