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Thread: Advice please!

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    Advice please!

    hi, im graduating high school in '07(this year) and i want to go into engineering. well i dont know what to do. talking in terms of "disney" what specific engineer does the audioanimatronics stuff, rides, and effects? See i'm confused on what an electrical,mechanical, computer engineer would do in these areas. Also what are some good schools to apply to? thanks im stumped!!

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    Re: Advice please!

    It seems this post has been here for 3 weeks and no one has answered, so I'll do the honors.

    Disney employs all kinds of engineers in a wide variety of divisions (WDI, Ride & Show Engineering, Facility Asset Management) and disciplins (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Computer Science, Material Science and Chemical and more). There are some disciplins that fit tightly with certain roles (a Civil/Structural Engineer will work on roads, bridges and buildings and a mechanical engineer would work in Ride & Show) but many engineers will work on a variety of different projects playing different roles on each. My advice to you is, if you are set on engineering, study the type of engineering that interests you the most and let everything else sort itself out later--you don't have to figure everything out now.

    As for schools...there are many. In the South East both Georga Tech and Univeristy of Florida are good for Engineering; in California go CalTech or University of California San Diego. But there are a lot of good engineering schools out there. Make sure you pick a school that fits your personality first. Do you hate football? Stay away from U of F. Do you want to learn to surf? Can't beat UCSD. College culture is just as important as academics. But most people just go where they can afford.

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