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    09-09-06 The Path to Disney's 9/11 Mess

    this business of show

    Thanks to an ABC Docudrama, There’s No Question the Honeymoon’s Really Over for Disney’s Iger
    By C. W. Oberleitner
    September 9, 2006

    You know you’re in trouble when, as CEO of a Fortune 500 company, you start receiving letters of complaint about your company’s products from a former President of the United States. Additionally, this past week Walt Disney Company chief executive Bob Iger got an earful from former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, former national security advisor Sandy Berger, and hundreds of thousands of ticked off Democrats, most of whom, presumably, are also Disney customers.

    Read the full story here >>

    Your thoughts...

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    Re: 09-09-06 The Path to Disney's 9/11 Mess

    Excellent article. I couldn't begin to imagine how The Path could have gotten so far afield. It wasn't imagination, it was deliberate.

    Now, the show seems unquestionably tainted. At this point, this seems a no-win situation for Disney/ABC, the producers, the advertising sponsors, democrats, or republicans, not to mention the viewers. Displaying a "this is not a documentary" card several times during the show is ineffectual in stopping the hemorrhaging of right-wing lies, inuendos, and conspiracy theories.

    I'm completely in favor of dramatic license to tell a story as long as the fundamentals are correct. But if one can't be true to the facts that are known, how can people begin to debate the greater issues history has presented us.

    One has to wonder about the corporate culture at Disney/ABC when liberals and conservatives agree that the truth is not being told.

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