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    Disneyland Announces July 15, 2005, Opening of... - 05/03/05

    Press Release from Disneyland Resort News - May 3, 2005
    Disneyland Announces July 15, 2005, Opening of “re-imagineered” “SPACE MOUNTAIN,” featuring new technology and thrills

    Classic Attraction Receives Enhancements to Favorite Elements

    ANAHEIM, Calif. (May 3, 2005) – As the countdown begins to May 5, 2005, and the launch of the 50th anniversary of Disneyland Park, the “Happiest Homecoming On Earth,” another countdown is now underway in Tomorrowland for the re-launch of “Space Mountain.” The anticipation has begun as one of the most popular adventures at Disneyland gets ready to blast-off into a new era of thrills!

    “We’re very happy that ‘Space Mountain’ will re-open on July 15 as one of the many celebratory festivities leading to our actual 50th anniversary on July 17,” said Matt Ouimet, president of the Disneyland Resort. “Space Mountain’ will be the classic attraction that our guests know and love but better than they anyone remembers it.”
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