Article from ABC 7 News - May 4, 2005
Disneyland Chef Enjoys Park's 50th

May 4 (AP) Disneyland kicked off its 50th anniversary Wednesday in southern California.

Disney, the company that owns ABC7, invited us to join the celebration.

If you've stopped for a bite to eat on Main Street in the last 50 years, Oscar Martinez may have had a hand in your meal.

Oscar Martinez, Disneyland chef: "I work in ice cream wagon, popcorn wagon, and then I went to different restaurants."

Oscar has been serving up smiles for 49-years. He started just one year after the Disneyland opened its gates to generations.

Oscar's wife used to work at the park as well. She'd make milkshakes for Walt Disney himself.

Oscar Martinez, Disneyland chef: "He'd only go with her, because she knew how to do it. He liked chocolate, a little vanilla, and not too much milk."

A stickler for details, Disney himself would walk around the park making sure everything was perfect.

Today, Oscar makes sure everything is just right, and he talks with visitors from around the globe - many of them who stop by just to see him.

Oscar Martinez, Disneyland chef: "I have people from Tokyo, London, Australia, New Zealand, all over the world."