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    Post $ Sky High Prices But Why $

    In resent threds I've been reading on many Disney sites have said that Disney World has been losing popularity. While losing popularity the quality of the parks have gone down monorails, are being shut down. Just think their raising prices and they don't even think why their losing business. Lets think about this before millions maybe billions of people went to Disney World not saying there arn't now but less people are wanting to go, because of less quality for a higher price. The owners are so money hungry their eating up all the profit for them self, and raising the park price and hardly any goes to the EMPLOIES and the PARKS.

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    Re: $ Sky High Prices But Why $

    not sure disneyworld is losing popularity. and I don't see quality going down as a matter of fact the last time i was at the parks they were fairly crowded and had never looked cleaner. and that was about a month ago. am going this weekend will see if things have changed.

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    Re: $ Sky High Prices But Why $

    This cant seem true. When i first hear about Disney World when i was 7, i thought it was one of those vacation spots where you have to be UBER rich to go to and its a great place! Well now i'm old enough to undersatnd its a regular theme park, but it is NOT losing popularity. People around the world go to it daily.

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