Press Release

New York, NY – In a first for daytime television, Guiding Light, a Procter & Gamble Production, is teaming up with Marvel Comics to produce a very special “Inside the Light” episode unveiling a new super-powered character. Taking a page from the Wednesday, November 1 episode airing on CBS, Marvel Comics will also release an eight-page comic back-up featuring some of Marvel’s mightiest heroes (and villains) descending on Guiding Light’s city of Springfield to determine if this new super-powered being is friend or foe!

Guiding Light’s episode titled, “She’s a Marvel,” was written by headwriter David Kreizman. The story focuses on mild mannered and harried Harley Davidson Cooper played by Beth Ehlers. Zapped by an electrical current, Cooper finds herself imbued with the powers of a superhero. How will her new powers affect her life as a cop, a mother and a wife?

“Joining forces with Marvel is such a natural fit for us because comic books and soap operas have so much in common,” says Guiding Light headwriter David Kreizman. “We both feature long running characters and larger than life stories that appeal to a loyal and passionate fan base. We hope that our viewers will be excited to see their favorites in the pages of a comic book and that Marvel fans will tune in to see how we put our twist on a classic superhero story. What working mom hasn’t wished for superpowers every now and then?”