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    The Story behind the re-release of Nightmare...

    Curious if anyone has any info on something that has me scratching my head as of late..

    All of the new commercials touting the Disney Digital 3D release of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas touts it as a "Walt Disney Pictures" presentation, when its original release as well as DVD release were always "Touchstone Pictures" tagged.

    Anyone with the iggy as to why, maybe???

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    Re: The Story behind the re-release of Nightmare...

    My theories:

    It was originally meant to be a WDP release. Just look at the old trailer, touting the movie as an incredible leap in animation, along with other milestones, such as Snow White and Roger Rabbit -- complete with the WDP logo. But, when they thought it might be a bit too mature/intense/whatever for the WDP label, they switched it to the more adult label. Roger Rabbit was the same way.

    However, things have changed. Touchstone is starting to be a little defunct with only a couple of releases per year. People are much more accepting of NBC now than they were when I fell in love with it 13 years ago. Haunted Mansion Holiday may play into it a bit, as well, as something that says Disney might make a bit more sense in a classic Disney attraction.

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    Re: The Story behind the re-release of Nightmare...

    my guess is it's Disney trying to reach a new audience: the teens. They might be trying to do something with their image and how teens think about the Disney company...but that's just a guess.

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    Re: The Story behind the re-release of Nightmare...

    I've always heard what FrumiousBoojum said about being released under Touchstone, but they now have PG-13 movies under the Walt Disney Pictures name (both POTC's to date) and due to the popularity with it (including HMH) they can now shift it over to WDP without having people freak out about it.
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