Note: The article does contain one major 4 letter swear word


Since its opening in 1955, Disneyland has been famous for intricate foot-traffic control, for tricks of forced perspective that would have Palladio scratching his head, and for its hermetic, self-contained feeling (at almost no point can you see anything of the world outside). Like Gaul, the Disney resort is divided into three parts: the historic Disneyland, piped straight out of Walt's skull; Disney's California Adventure, which is more or less an old-fashioned amusement park built on a portion of the former parking lot; and Downtown Disney, an outdoor mall that is, ironically, less Disneyfied than several other Los Angeles malls but has dozens of restaurants and a Disney store the size of Anaheim Stadium. If you plan to spend only one day at Disney, you can safely skip California Adventure, although its signature attraction, Soarin' Over California, may be my favorite Disney ride ever.


Having inspired as much devotion as any place this side of the Vatican, Disneyland offers virtually infinite online resources. The official Disney site is the best place to take a virtual park tour and find out about hotel packages and ticket prices. A massive site devoted to all things Disney, it includes discussion boards, news reports, and reviews of rides and even bathrooms. Another site for Disneyland obsessives, it offers excruciatingly detailed park updates and exhaustive chat boards, often frequented by pseudonymous Disneyland employees—a recent thread covered Fastpass strategy in the kind of detail usually reserved for the Talmud and Fantasy Football.
Recent, the thread has been around for a long time, and started years before MiceChat was even started.... But glad to see the plug...